“SHANE and I have been invited to speak at HARVARD UNIVERSITY about our book and movie,” Astorian AMY BUGBEE told the Ear. The couple are pictured.

Harvard recruited the couple because of their boovie (book and movie) “THE SUFFERING AND CELEBRATION OF LIFE IN AMERICA” (www.usaodd.com), which captures their adventures of nearly a year on the road with their dog, CHEYENNE, and MYRTLE THE TURTLE.

“Sounds like fun until you consider, we began our journey with $180 between the four of us,” Shane observed. The couple survived by working odd jobs and on “the kindness of strangers.”

Along the way, they “listened to the people of America,” and documented their observations along the way. The boovie is a “highly condensed, multi-media version” of their adventures.

As for going to Harvard to speak about their project, “this might be the thing that brings the words of all the amazing people we met on the road to a larger audience,” Amy explained. “Everyone says we must take advantage of this opportunity, that it is vital for our future, but it isn’t going to be easy.”

“We are driving from Oregon to Harvard with our dog and turtle,” she continued. Yes, it’s the same dog (now almost 17 years old) and turtle. “We are using our rent money and the last of my unemployment to do this.”

Can you help these two struggling creative artists get to Harvard? Donations may be made at their fundraising page, http://tinyurl.com/bugbeetrip. And by the way, they will document this road trip, too.

“This opportunity is very important to us,” Amy admitted. “But it’s not just for us, the stories we want to present are from the forgotten zip codes across America, these are people and places that never make the news, unless it’s a tragedy.”

— Elleda Wilson


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