Travelin’ man


The Ear has received word from intrepid writer/photographer, cyclist and Astorian Peter Marsh, who is off on yet another adventure. “I have spent two weeks biking from central Virginia to west Kentucky along the Trans America route,” he wrote. “Surprisingly, this has felt like the toughest leg of the whole 4,400 miles, though my goal is just to cross the Mighty Mississippi this year — about 1,000 miles.

“The greatest pleasure has come from staying overnight in a couple of church halls — though considering how many churches there are in Kentucky, that’s not a huge Christian welcome by any means. The last two nights I have been given the use of volunteer fire stations, which are a fascinating place to sleep.

“I certainly admire the people who do it all in one huge trip to Astoria, but breaking it up doesn’t make the hills any easier. Doing this for 60-90 days could certainly get a bit tedious.”

— Elleda Wilson