Sandcastle Day is the one day a year that Cannon Beach allows parking on the beach. All drivers will enter and exit from the U.S. Highway 101 Tolovana Wayside access at Warren Way.

Police will open the beach access at 8 a.m. and close the ramp to incoming vehicles at 11:30 a.m. There will be an area for handicapped parking. All cars must be off the beach by 2:15 p.m., said Cannon Beach Police Officer Rob Schulz.

"The beach has dropped in the last few years and the sand level is lower," Schulz said. "So when the tide comes in, it comes in real fast. We'll start getting people off the beach before 2 p.m. so we can prevent anybody from getting stuck out in the water."

He encouraged residents and people staying in local hotels to walk to the beach or use the shuttle system. Parking spaces will be at a premium and residents will probably make it to the beach faster if they walk.

Approximately 12 police officers will be on hand to offer information and direct traffic and parking. Officers from Astoria, Seaside and Warrenton police departments and members of the Clatsop County Sheriff's volunteer horseback posse will assist Cannon Beach Police. Officers will monitor traffic at the city's three entrances and will close them for short periods of time only if traffic backs up on the highway and becomes a hazard.

"I don't really see that happening," Schulz said. "But if it does, we'll try to shuttle them down to another exit."


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