Vote for Astoria!


Bet you didn’t know that USA Today is holding its 10 Best Historic Small Town contest right now, and Astoria is in the running ( “The USA has a rich and exciting history, and visiting the places which most affected it is so much more fun than reading about it,” the website says. “These 20 nominees ... have big histories and small populations — fewer than 25,000 people — making them fun and affordable ways to dive into our nation’s past.”

Astoria has some interesting company in the other nominees, which include: Deadwood, South Dakota; Sitka, Alaska; Mackinac Island, Michigan; Newport, Rhode Island; Solvang, California; and Telluride, Colorado.

Astoria was No. 2 as of Thursday morning, and could use a boost to hit No. 1 before the contest ends on April 25. So go vote, already — early and often, as the saying goes. You can vote once a day.

— Elleda Wilson