10 years ago this week — 2010

SEASIDE — The WorldMark Seaside is undergoing an $11.4 million project to replace the vacation resort’s roof and exterior drainage system.

The project will affect every one of the 284 rooms in the eight-story oceanfront building on Avenue A and the Prom, said Steve Behrens, project manager.

Behrens estimated it would take 23 months to complete the work on the 44,970 square foot building. Crews have already replaced the roof and will install a drainage barrier to prevent exterior leaking. They will also replace all of the windows and doors.

In attempt to keep air service from Astoria to Portland running through next year’s bicentennial celebrations, the Port of Astoria is turning to $40,000 in subsidies and an airline marketing campaign.

Passenger numbers have been low for SeaPort Airlines’ 25-minute flights between Astoria and Portland last year and this year.

“We probably couldn’t have picked a worse time during the economy to start air service,” Port Commissioner Jack Bland said at Tuesday’s commission meeting. “But we started, and we’ve been working at it, but we clearly haven’t come up to the expectations that we hoped for when we started it.”

Dungeness crab season is less than two weeks away and up and down the Oregon Coast commercial fishermen are hearing the clock tick.

They’re loading up their gear, working on their boats and even filling up bait jars to pop in the freezer before the big day. Crab pots are getting annual checkups and seem to be multiplying practically on their own.

“They’re stacking up by the thousands,” said John Corbin, a board member of the Oregon Dungeness Crab Commission and Astoria Crab Marketing Association.

Opening day is slated for Dec. 1, and this year, the wheels are in motion for an abundant, lucrative and safe season.

WESTPORT — Big changes are coming to Westport.

“People talk about community development a lot in Astoria and Seaside, but Westport has been largely ignored in that,” Clatsop County Commissioner Dirk Rohne said.

Not anymore.

On Nov. 8, at a county Board of Commissioners meeting, the commissioners approved a contract with Lower Columbia Engineering to conduct a feasibility analysis and develop a schematic design for some wide-sweeping improvements in the small, unincorporated town.

In 2007, the county received almost $500,000, the result of a penalty levied by the state against Georgia-Pacific, which runs the Wauna Mill near Westport.

50 years ago — 1970

American Metal Climax has said that it will build an aluminum-reduction plant in Warrenton that will comply with state pollution-control regulations and be unnoticeable from the standpoint of fluoride emissions.

How does the company plan to do that?

Officials of the Greenwich, Connecticut, firm have said some $11 million will be spent on pollution-control equipment, mainly a dry scrubbing system. Dry scrubbing refers to a system of chambers and bags into which emissions are forced and then subjected to streams of air that collect and separate out the various elements in the emissions.

Behind twice in the ball game against Salem Academy’s football team, the unbeaten Knappa Loggers showed great comeback courage and latent power in grinding out a 30-12 state quarterfinal playoff victory Friday night.

It was also Friday the 13th, but the jinx Knappa had run up against previously in going to the state football playoffs held little meaning. With some 700 or more rabid Logger rooters cheering them on at the Dallas High School field, Knappa not once lost its poise or spirit.

Figuring out how to pay for widening and moving part of Marine Drive is next on Astoria’s downtown-improvements agenda.

The City Council voted Monday night to accept the proposed downtown plan of engineers Cornell, Howland, Hayes & Merryfield, which recommends moving Marine from 10th to 14th Street northward to the railroad tracks and widening it. The purpose is to get through-auto traffic off of Commercial Street.

75 years ago — 1945

The girl who was angry enough at Tokyo Rose to get on the air and answer the Japanese broadcaster every day and at the same time earn the praises of soldiers in the northern Pacific has come to Astoria to live and continue work on a novel while her husband, Lt. William Roy Gill, is stationed here.

The young woman who took to the air waves to counteract Tokyo Rose is Helen Mabbott Gill, known on the radio and to her reading public as Helen M. Wayne.

Members of the Columbia River Bar Pilots will be formally disenrolled from the U.S. Coast Guard today and will gather tonight at the home of Capt. C.E. Ash and later at Club 13 for a dinner to celebrate the event.

Members of the Columbia River Bar Pilots have already been formally enrolled and celebrated with a dinner in Portland at the Benson Hotel Monday evening.

The pilot boat Columbia, which has been known in the Coast Guard reserve a CGR-2469, will also be released from service Nov. 30 and will resume its status as a civilian vessel with a civilian crew.

The Oldsmobile for 1946, attractively styled and modern to the minute, is now being displayed for the first time in dealer showrooms throughout the country, including those of the Gallant Auto Co. in Astoria.

Three U.S. Navy repair vessels, which have given first aid to battle-damaged ships in various engagements on the way to Tokyo, have arrived in Astoria as a part of the inactive fleet group.

These vessels are the Agenor, Egeria and the Endymoin, now berthed at the naval station. Of the same type and size, these repair vessels are well equipped for a great diversity of work. It is the proud boost of the Agenor’s crew that it has repaired anything from a heavy cruiser to a pocket watch.

SEATTLE — Six transports, returning from distant Pacific bases, poured 5,275 officers and men down gangplanks onto Seattle docks today, in time to celebrate Thanksgiving back in America, for some the first time in more than four years.


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