MANZANITA - Primary Elements Gallery hosts two events including a water color workshop and a Hot Rod Poker Derby.

The water color workshop with artist Nancy Fulton is 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 6. The class will meet at the gallery, 447 Laneda Ave., and discuss the plan for the day. Weather permitting, the group will travel to a selected area to paint the landscape and/or seascape following a demonstration by instructor Fulton, a signature member of the Northwest Watercolor Society of Washington. A number of exercises will help the students to record the light and shaded areas in the selected scene so that with the initial sketch they can devote more time and develop the desired effect. The group will break for lunch and may picnic on location and return to complete their project with a one-on-one critique and suggestions with Fulton. The class fee is $45. Registration should be made in advance by calling Stephanie Ansley at Primary elements Gallery, (503) 368-3636 or e-mail primary

A supply list will be sent and individual questions answered.

The Hot Rod Poker Derby is Thursday, Sept. 4 and Friday, Sept. 5 and is sponsored by Gary Diebolt of Flashback Malt and Gift Shop. The game will start in Seaside and tour into Manzanita down the beach, up Laneda Avenue to the gallery where the participants will pick up a card for their poker hand. Then they venture on to the Nehalem Antique Mall and the Nehalem Winery for a tour to fill out their hands. Then they rally back to Seaside to play the winning hand and announce the winner. Their will be a parade of classic cars.


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