CANNON BEACH - White Bird Gallery features six Northwest artists in a show titled "Narratives, Symbolism and Landscape." The show opens with a reception from 4 to 7 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 6 and runs through Aug. 31.

South Gallery

Grace Bishko paints emotional scenes in vivid hues that contain unusual perspectives of central Oregon's scenic beauty and life in a high desert environment. Utilizing the raven as an icon to provoke a symbolic narrative, Bishko's scenes of nature drift toward the surreal, with an edgy vantage point. Her paintings evoke experiences and relationships that are larger than life.

Pamela Kroll creates mixed media paintings and collages from personal experiences. Drawing from a broad range of cultural and historical myth, lore, and folk art, she incorporates beads, various papers and 3-D materials into her pieces, and also extends her works into the handmade, handpainted framing on every piece. This particular exhibit will feature themes of birds and the Tree of Life.

Susan Gallacher-Turner will be featured at the White Bird for the first time in an exhibition of mixed media sculptures from the "Shapeshifter" series. Using animal faces to tell mythological based stories, her works incorporate copper, wood, clay and actual stories as Gallacher-Turner is strictly inspired and fascinated with faces. Whether real or imagined, each one has its own distinct character and personality, which evokes the unusual emotion of her sculptures.

East Gallery

Randall Tipton's style is expressive and dreamlike. He uses soft tones and soft brushwork that is often achieved through a trial and error process, resulting in works that have an undeniable authenticity. Inspired by the abstract expressionists, Tipton paints scenes of various Oregon landscapes, yielding works that are akin to nature in their essence and have a sense of belonging to the natural environment. His compositions challenge the relationship between foreground and ground as elements of light and depth create a degree of abstraction among his recognizable scenes.

Grace BishkoRobert Schlegel will be featured in his first exhibit of paintings at the White Bird. Schlegel's landscape-based compositions present an interpretation of objects and forms from various haunting cities, towns, coastal estuaries, valleys and farmlands. The forms, color and shapes from nature and manmade structures attempt to locate the balance between the objective and subjective within Schlegel's paintings. Schlegel paints in the studio and plein-air, seeking the solitude of the landscape.

Garrison Coverdale's raku boxes are inspired by Asian designs, often incorporating mah jong tiles set into the lids of his finely crafted vessels. Using celadon, white, red and yellow, Coverdale's crackle glazes are a result of the raku process and provide a distinct variation among his unique vases and lidded boxes.

White Bird Gallery is located at 251 N. Hemlock St.