Josh Long, a 1993 Astoria High School graduate, was among those honored May 9 at the National Correctional Officer’s Barbecue with an Oregon Youth Authority (OYA) Coin Award.

He is employed as a group life coordinator at OYA’s North Coast Youth Correctional Facility in Warrenton. Long has been employed by OYA since 1998, working at both the North Coast and Tillamook facilities.

“Josh is a dependable veteran staff member whose experience and dedication is often demonstrated during emergency or crisis situations where a level head and the ability to make quick and effective decisions is necessary,” said Dan Berger, superintendent of the correctional facility.

In 2011, Long was one of the facility’s in-service trainers for 10 months. He coordinated its sweat lodge services for several years, and served as Safety Committee chairman from 1999 through early 2003, and from 2004 through 2010.

The OYA Coin was awarded for Long’s dedication to the agency and the facility’s team. He is a 1993 Astoria High School graduate.

Also recognized were OYA Coin Award winners Jim Sapper of Seaside, Danny McCarley of Astoria, Earline Bottleson or Astoria, Chris Martin of Westport, Lawrence Bergerson of Warrenton, Linda Gardner of Warrenton and Jennice Roisum of Pacific County, Wash. Louise Stecher from Svensen was recognized for her five years of service, along with Sapper for his 15 years.

— Reporting by Bruce Dustin

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