Are you enjoying this glorious Indian Summer? H'mmm, I have just given political correctness the raspberry - should that be Native American Summer? There are all kinds of ideas about the origin of the term, too numerous and far-fetched to mention here, but that worthy tome, the Oxford English Dictionary says: "A period of calm, dry, mild weather, with hazy atmosphere, occurring in the late autum in the Northern U.S." There is some consensus that it isn't a real Indian Summer unless it takes place after the first frost and the autumnal equinox. All I know is that it is warm, sunny, cloudless and ever so welcome after the pretend spring and summer we suffered through.

I enjoyed the beginning of this good weather while traveling to Ashland again. After Salem, that is really a great drive. In September most of the tourists are back home with the kiddies and it's just me and the long-distance truckers. Those brown and sere hills reminded me that there really was a long, hot summer close to CB - namely in the Valley. Once again, Ashland was a treat. I saw one of the best plays I have EVER seen this time: "A View From the Bridge," by Arthur Miller. It was one of those serendipitous situations where material, cast and direction all came together to create a perfect theatre experience. When the lights went out at the end, the entire audience rose spontaneouslyfor a standing O; we were all on our feet before the lights came up for the curtain call. A unanimous opinion! It plays until November 1, so there is time to enjoy the drive AND the play. Also pleased to note that gas prices were about $.50 less per gallon than they were in June. Is this an anomaly or is there really good news?

Have you noticed, and how could you not, how thick and fast the clich├ęs are accumulating around Sarah Palin? "Soccer Mom," "Wal-Mart Mom," "energizing the base," "post-convention bounce" and on and on. Everybody is saying the same thing - except for the redoubtable Martin Peretz, editor-in-chief of the venerable New Republic for the last 34 years, who said of Sarah: "she is pretty like a cosmetics saleswoman at Macy's." Now, THAT is damning with faint praise. As I write this, Election Day is 59 days away. Doesn't it seem that this election has been front page news for years? If it weren't for the election and Brangelina and Tom Brady, one might actually have to read a book...(I know where you can find a good one.)

I'm going to start beating the drum right now for Candidate's Forum at Coaster Theatre, sponsored by the Cannon Beach Chamber of Commerce, on Wednesday, October 1 at 7 p.m. This is the perfect opportunity to find out what the candidates stand for. Do you agree with them? Are they worthy of your vote? Do they bring a bias to the office - or are they informed and open-minded enough to represent the interests of the community-at-large? Remember: you don't get to grouse if you don't inform yourself and vote! See you there.

Only three more Farmers Markets - what will we do?

Favorite Book this week: "Goldengrove," by Francine Prose.


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