HAMMOND - It has been nearly 50 years since Pat and Rose Carroll were married. The couple enjoys creating hand-made wood crafts at their store called Harbor Lite because it gives them something to do - together.

Their little shop, filled with magnificent colorful and detailed decorations and trinkets, is right next to their home in Hammond. Pat showed off his wife's beautiful repainting of a chairside table and a foot stool, both purchased at garage sales. Their work brings meaning to the saying, "one man's junk is another's treasure."

"I've always liked crafts, it is something fun to do with my kids and grandkids," Rose said.

The two opened their shop in October 2001 after Pat retired from working for Carruthers as a machinist and tool and die maker in Hammond. He had been there since 1991. The Carrolls lived in Salem from 1978 to 1991.

They were introduced by Rose's mother in Indiana, and after getting married, they moved to California because Pat was serving in the Navy.

Pat served in Korea twice as an aviation mechanic. He served for four years on two aircraft carriers. "They're both retired now, like me," he said with a smile.

The Carrolls' wedding anniversary is July 3. They seem so energetic, it's hard to believe that they've been married for so long.

Now retired, they both love making their crafts. "It's better than sitting around and just watching TV," said Rose.

"Come July, we'll get pretty busy," Rose added, showing one of her colorfully painted roosters with a tail that moves in the wind.

The shop is busier in the summer than in the winter, as with many coastal businesses, but Pat says the winter is the best time for producing the wood figures and other decorative pieces in his wood shop behind the store.

"He's a perfectionist," Rose said jokingly, because her husband uses only good materials for pieces, such as bronze bearings that won't rust.

A son and daughter live in Maryland and another son lives in California. They also have two grandchildren in Maryland.

- Sara Alsbury


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