All three Clatsop County money measures passed.

The $7 million bond Gearhart needs to develop its own water system passed, with 498 votes in favor and 148 against. The bond will be paid in property taxes in 40 years or less.

Gearhart Mayor Kent Smith said he was pleased.

"We were confident that it would pass," he said. "It's an indication that the people want to have control of their own public facilities."

The bond will allow the city to buy land, construct filtration and treatment facilities, build wells and reservoirs and upgrade water mains. Officials hope Gearhart can establish a system and stop buying water from Warrenton by 2007.

Voters in Cannon Beach approved the wastewater treatment plant bond for $4.68 million. The results were 591 votes in favor, and 316 votes against. The money, which will be paid through property taxes over 20 years, will allow the plant to meet Oregon Department of Environmental Quality standards.

"The passing of the bond measure will allow us to continue with our plans for our wastewater plant upgrade," Public Works Director Joy Gannon said.

Gannon said the city needs to plan for the next 20 years of the plant. The system failed permit tests in 2000, exceeding pollution levels and violating DEQ rules. Gannon said Cannon Beach could have been charged as much as $10,000 a day for violations.

Instead, the city made a deal that required it to eliminate the use of chlorine. The new plant will do that, and also reduce the amount of waste entering Ecola Creek to about five parts of solids per million. The most difficult part will be keeping the facility running while construction takes place.

Warrenton Rural Fire Protection District voters renewed a five-year operations levy passed in 2000. The vote was 375 to 228.


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