Arraignment postponed because of aggression

<p>Ole Marvin Hayne</p>

Ole Marvin Hayne, the 52-year-old accused of attacking his mother and several members of law enforcement over the weekend, was not arraigned Monday as originally planned.

The courts will try again at 1:15 p.m. Wednesday.

Hayne was one of three arraignments expected to be held in Courtroom 100 via video cameras.

But when Hayne was expected on camera, a deputy appeared instead.

The deputy told Judge Cindee Matyas he believed a physical altercation would occur if deputies attempted to remove Hayne from the crisis room where he is being held at the Clatsop County Jail.

“I don’t think it would be wise,” Deputy Aaron Parks told the judge, noting Hayne’s high state of aggression.

It was determined it was not safe, given the highly aggressive attitude toward law enforcement Hayne has displayed, to approach him.

Clatsop County District Attorney Josh Marquis noted for the judge that Hayne has 14 felony convictions and 27 misdemeanors, including several assaults on police officers. His security was set at $100,000.

Marquis also noted the online threats Hayne has allegedly made to kill police, that were not to be taken lightly.

Hayne was arrested Saturday at his mother’s residence in a Svensen retirement mobile home community. Hayne’s mother is 87 years old and has been subjected to threats and physical contact, including allegedly being put in a headlock by her son who screamed in her face. She told police she feared for her life but felt helpless to get Hayne out, who moved in uninvited a few weeks ago.

When deputies arrived to arrest Hayne, he attacked the officers, including punching a deputy in the face and kicking a police K9.

He is charged with interfering with a police animal, assault of a law enforcement animal, assaulting a public safety officer, coercion, third-degree criminal mischief, disorderly conduct, third-degree escape, four counts of harassment, interfering with an officer and menacing.

Hayne has several rantings on Facebook and YouTube where he threatens to kill police, as well as anti-Semitic and neo-Nazi statements. Because of freedom of speech, a Clatsop County sergeant said, no charges can come from those threats.


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