NEHALEM - The process of creating art will be celebrated during February by three young artists from the North Coast area. Ryan Pedersen, Nicole Poole and Dmitri Swain will hang their show Sunday, Feb. 1, in the North County Recreation District Gallery, 36155 Ninth St. There will be an opening celebration from 7 to 10 p.m. Friday, Feb. 13, with the artists, music by the artists and refreshments.

The name of the show is "Process," which was chosen because the three artists want to show how they go about creating a finished piece. The process of creating is the most important thing to all of them, and so they are creating a show that, according to Pedersen, " breaks the first rule of art shows - don't put anything up but your best work." Thus, finished pieces will be shown with the sketches which led up to the finished product.

Pedersen came to the coast from the Portland area and is currently living in Manzanita. An artist and designer, his work ranges from abstract to fantasy and features masterful pen and ink work. When asked about his personal process, he stated, "There is a brilliant feeling within creation that is hidden when viewing finalized work. The process of a piece coming together is saturated with true beauty: This is the place where my work is most authentic. The viewer is such an integral part of artwork and I want to bring them into that creative loop. When we're not afraid and can celebrate stray pen lines and graphite undercurrents, we can act more as ourselves in the things we create. The three of us all have such a strong personality in every line, and I'd not have any of it left out."

Poole is a longtime resident of Nehalem. She has designed logos for the Manzanita Farmer's market and creates exquisite line drawings. Her process includes "An idea, an image - reality and imagination commune. Moving my paintbrush to see what emerges. What is from me and what is moving through me? I am a conduit of a greater power that I've wed myself to, where I am free to be me."

Swain lives in Cannon Beach, where he concentrates on local commission work. His style is spiritual, inventive and multifaceted, and focuses on line and color. He said, "The "Process " show for me is going to be about the bridging of two concepts. I want to explore the concept of relationships between the inorganic and the organic by combining design with painterly aesthetics. To sum it up, most of my pieces will be about a specific atmosphere invaded by line work. The project altogether is going to be a great experience, not just from the standpoint of the art created - but working alongside such talented artists will truly be a gift."

The show will run through February and some of the work will be for sale, and may be purchased in the NCRD office during the month or directly from the artists at the opening reception.


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