Computer problems have forced an indefinite extension for Portlanders to pay the arts tax that voters approved last fall.

April Baer / OPB

Mayor Charlie Hales at a press conference Tuesday.

The deadline to pay the $35 tax was supposed to be Wednesday.

City officials had already postponed the due date last month from April 15.

Dana Haynes is a spokesman for Portland Mayor Charlie Hales.

Haynes says technicians are working on the computer system. In the meantime, it is processing payments very slowly, but Haynes advises against trying to pay, until it's fixed.

"If it means hanging around and waiting, while you've got that little ferris wheel of colors telling you that your computer is not responding yet - go do something more productive and wait until we give the 'all clear' to the media that the system is back and running again. Sure. We don't want this to be any more of a hassle than it has to be."

Haynes says city officials will meet after the system is fixed to decide when the new deadline will be.

Haynes says the mayor doesn't want taxpayers punished for what's been the city's computer problem.

There is no official estimate for when the system will be fully operational again.

This story originally appeared on Oregon Public Broadcasting.