OregonBusiness.com ran an article in its February edition titled "Street Level," by Ben Jacklet, that featured Astoria as one of four towns in Oregon where the author delved into the strengths and weaknesses of the local economies on "Main Street, Oregon," as a result of the financial crisis on Wall Street.

"In many ways, the city's makeover has been a success," Jacklet says of Astoria's change from being a logging and fishing town to one that focuses on tourism. The article mentions several Astoria businesses and features quotes from local businessmen and women including Brian Faherty, who with his partners, is restoring historic buildings on Commercial Street; John Williams of J.P. Plumbing Company; Lani Donovick of Betty Lou Jean Company; and Kathren Rusinovich of Area Properties.

The full article is available at (http://tinyurl.com/astoriabiz)