He’s made it to the top of the world.

Local fisherman Chris “Crunchy” Cameron has made it to the summit of Mount Everest.

“The top of the world, made it!” he said Sunday in an email. “Just arrived in Kathmandu a few hours ago via helicopter with three others from Peak Freaks after reaching the summit of Mount Everest two days ago.

“Harsh reminder of the mountain was put in front of us as to how lucky we are for the helicopter stopped at Lukla, dropping us off, returning to camp to bring back tragedy from the mountain. A body was lowered to the ground before us as we waited for the Kathmandu ride.”

Four people died on Everest more than a week ago.

But 46-year-old Cameron’s group, Peak Freaks, which began with 12 people, but was whittled down based on health and personal reasons throughout the adventure, were more fortunate.

“Getting to the (rockwall) Hillary Step, I ran it all through my mind, ‘this is it,’” he wrote. “I have read all the books. The stories of this place make it possibly one of the most famous rocks in the world to climb. Looking to the right, a view thousands of feet below, above the gateway to the summit.

“My turn comes, I place my crampons, double check my safety line, clip in the ascender and go for it. In three, four moves, perfect, I made it on top, now a little horse ride over the next rock, a clip in here, slide along and down, I made it! More crowds in front and behind, I pass a teammate coming down. ‘Go Crunchy, it's not far.’

“I walk along the summit ridge looking ahead, I can't look around for a fear of a stumble or fall haunts me. I couldn't look out, for vertigo is building within. Finally, I see people ahead, yes, yes, the summit, breathe, step, concentrate, no mistake now! Walking and breathing, my mind starts to dance, a tear begins and I sit next to the prayer flags.

“I made it.”

Cameron was featured in The Daily Astorian in February when he began the process of preparing for Everest.


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