Astoria décor store Between Friends closed its doors at the end of December. But the change is more of a consolidation than a "going out of business."

Co-owner Debra Cheuvront Kelly said she and business partner Londa Sarkie, who also share ownership of Ambiance For Beautiful Homes in downtown Astoria, opted to cut back a bit, and just have one storefront instead of two.

"It was weariness," Chevront Kelly said of the difficult decision to close Between Friends, which was doing well in its location on Commercial St downtown. "Sometimes there's more to consider than money. We wanted more time, especially for family."

She said just a few of the items formerly sold at Between Friends will join the inventory at Ambiance, because the two stores offered very different types of merchandise.

Cheuvront Kelly described Between Friends as "whimsical and vintage" in its approach to decorating, while Ambiance has a more upscale, urban focus.

Ambiance For Beautiful Homes is located at 229 14th St. in downtown Astoria.