As if running Pink Poppy Bakery weren’t enough hard work, Madeline Dickerson also works a large garden and sells fresh greens and vegetables.

Madeline Dickerson and her boyfriend, Jacob Moore, work about an acre near Loomis Lake State Park. The property is owned by Dickerson’s parents, Lynn and Mike Dickerson.

They have two polytunnels, which are greenhouses covered in plastic sheets. The largest one is 32 feet by 16 feet.

Madeline and Moore got the idea while in Ireland with the WWOOF program. World Wide Opportunities On Organic Farms links volunteers with organic farms. The volunteers learn organic farming techniques and the hosts get help with the farm.

The greenhouses allow them to grow tomatoes and other items that need a little more heat than the coast typically provides.

“I’ve been amazed at how much more we can grow with the polytunnels,” she said. “My parents have had a garden for years and years, … and as soon as we built the polytunnels all of the sudden they could grow tomatoes, better cucumbers and all of that kind of stuff that doesn’t grow outside well.”

The also have outdoor growing space as well.

They sell greens at the Ilwaco Saturday Market and occasionally the store at Cape Disappointment. In addition they supply five families with $20 in fresh food from the garden every week.

It’s an experimental program called a CSA or Community Supported Agriculture, she said. “It’s a way for consumers to directly support farmers.”

This is the first year for their CSA, and they are working to see if it can be expanded later. They already have a waiting list.

For now, they mostly they focus on the farmers market, she said.

For more information on the CSA, search for Pink Poppy Bakery on Facebook.

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