The Clatsop County Elections office has received 6,621 ballots for Tuesday's mail-in election.

Voters are deciding whether to link the district attorney's salary to that of judges, as well as voting on tax measures to benefit Warrenton Community Library and the Seaside Fire Department. Two state measures are also on the ballot.

Clatsop County Clerk Nicole Williams said if people are going to mail their ballots, they need to have them in the mail today. The elections office only accepts ballots that arrive before 8 p.m. Tuesday. Postmarks don't count.

Ballots may be hand-carried to drop-off sites located at Knappa High School, Seaside City Hall, Warrenton City Hall, Cannon Beach City Hall, the Mist-Birkenfeld Fire Hall, the Clatskanie Library, the front desk at the Clatsop County Clerk's office at 820 Exchange St., Astoria and at a 24-hour drive-up box located outside the clerk's office at 820 Exchange St.

The number of registered voters in the county is 20,865, but that number fluctuates.

The US Postal Service returns ballots to the county elections offices for voters who have moved and have not updated their address with the elections office. If the address change occurs within the county, the elections office automatically updates the address for these voters and they remain an active registered voter. If these voters want to vote in the election, they must contact the elections office and request a ballot.

Voter turnout for Seaside is 793 (25 percent) as of Wednesday. Voter turnout for Warrenton is 690 (26.9 percent) as of Wednesday. Both money measures need a 50 percent voter turnout to validate.


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