The Astoria School Board will respond to a letter concerning a business' application for a liquor license near John Jacob Astor Elementary School.

"We will be drafting a letter to deal with this issue," board member David Kaspar said.

Members have instructed Superintendent Larry McMacken to write the letter and will approve it at a later meeting.

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission can deny an application if the business is within 500 feet of a elementary or secondary school.

"It seems to me if this is granted, that this would be setting up a giant contradiction," retired teacher and resident Carl Dominey said. "We would be teaching kids about alcohol ... and immediately outside of that classroom, we would be allowing the sale of open-container alcohol."

The Astoria City Council voted 2-1 July 1 to support Jason Thiel's request to move his a beer-and-wine sales license for Geno's Hometown Pizza from downtown to 3693 Lief Erikson Drive, where Farrell's Burger Basket used to be.

Dominey said if the board didn't respond, other businesses could apply for licenses near schools without recourse. Resident Debra Westphal also read a letter Thursday night opposing the license from herself and one from another resident, Rachel Whisler.