Oregon Secretary of State Bill Bradbury will lead a program Tuesday on the issues surrounding global climate change and its regional and local effects.

The free event will be at 7 p.m. at the Columbian Theater. Bradbury will also speak with government and science students at Astoria High School at noon Tuesday.

Patrick Corcoran of Astoria, who is the Astoria-based Coastal Hazards Specialist with Oregon State University Extension, and economist and author Tom Bender of Manzanita, a pioneer in the "green architecture" and "sustainability" movements, will coordinate a question-and-answer session following Bradbury's presentation.

Bender and Corcoran will offer slides and statistics specific to the North Coast. Following the program, local tsunami, fire and rescue and emergency services representatives will be available with handouts and information.

Appointed chairman of the Oregon Sustainability Board in 2006, Bradbury is a member of the state land board. Prior to becoming secretary of state in 1999, he served in the Oregon Legislature, helping to develop the Salmon and Trout Enhancement Program and to pass measures for planning state-owned ocean resources and preventing offshore oil drilling.

After viewing Al Gore's film, "An Inconvenient Truth," last summer, Bradbury traveled to Gore's ranch in Tennessee as part of the first group of volunteers to be trained in presenting an updated version of Gore's original slide show.

"It goes to whether I'm leaving a world to my children that they're going to be able to live in," said Bradbury. "It's that fundamental."

The event is co-hosted by a local educational nonprofit group, Titanic Lifeboat Academy, and the Columbian Theater.

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