SEASIDE - The Seaside Public Library building fund campaign has officially begun.

Library Siting Committee Chairwoman Cynthia Svensson announced the campaign at Wednesday's meeting. The fund already has $502,025, thanks to donations that have already come in.

That amount includes the most recent donations, $1,000 from former Seaside residents Beverly and Ray Johnson and $20 from visiting Seattle resident Coryell Berry. Beverly is a former library board member and Ray is a former treasurer for the Friends of the Seaside Library.

All donations made to the building fund are tax deductible through the Friends of the Seaside Library's nonprofit status. Checks should be written to the Friends of the Seaside Library Building Fund and either mailed to the library at 60 N. Roosevelt Drive or dropped off at the library in person.

Committee members also discussed results from 76 community surveys dropped off at the library and 103 Seaside High School students. The results are similar to a mailed survey the committee sent to 777 residents, about 25 percent of Seaside's registered voters.

High school students chose "close to the high school" and "close to the current library" as their first and second choices for library location. Community surveys chose "close to the current library" and "close to the Seaside Museum" as first and second choices. Both groups indicated that they do not wish to combine the library with another use, like a parking garage. Of the community surveys, no one said they would not support a bond issue to raise funds to build the library.

Svensson will present formal survey results and the committee's library location, size, funding and architect recommendations at the Jan. 26 City Council meeting.


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