You’ll know them when you see them March 1.

They’ll be wearing hoodies, packing Crown Royal bags full of gold coins, and there will be hundreds of them crawling the streets of Cannon Beach.

No, they’re not members of a gangsta/pirate club. They’re fans of Cannon Beach, and they are gathering for the third year in a row to participate in the Cannon Beach Pub Crawl.

“It gives everybody the opportunity to get together before the madness of spring break and summer,” explained business participant Ryan Dewey, owner of Cannon Beach Hardware.

The pub crawl started three years ago when a dozen locals who worked at area restaurants decided to get together on a slow day and enjoy their hometown.

They had a pirate theme for that first unofficial pub crawl, so everyone purchased Sacagawea “gold” dollar coins at the bank and spent them around town.

“It was so much fun that we ended up having about 20 people join us,” said co-organizer Joel Bernhart. “We made it official in 2009 and ended up selling 230 Pub Crawl hoodies and witnessing over 400 people for the day. We realized that ‘it was on.’”

Local businesses loved the pub-crawl, too. February and March are traditionally slow months for them, and the infusion of 400 happy customers was welcome indeed. Since the “sack of gold” tradition continues, many of the participating businesses introduced dollar drink and food specials in subsequent years.

“It’s lots of fun for businesses, too,” said Cheri Lerma of Cheri’s Cafe. “Last year, I set up a game for the crawlers to play – just something funny. I’ll do that again this year.”

“It’s very Cannon Beach,” Dewey said. “Just people hanging out and getting together. It’s an opportunity to see a lot of people you don’t see when summer hits.”

Other businesses participating in the crawl include Bill’s Tavern, The Warren House Pub, The Driftwood Inn, Cheri’s, The Bistro, The American Legion, Pizza A’Fetta, Doogers, Fultano’s, Cannon Beach Hardware, Lush Wine Bar, and Seasons. Lush will present live music by Grace Saad from 6 to 8 p.m.

The pub crawl is open to any one 21 years and older. Abstainers are welcome, too, but the age limit is firm.

The theme of the crawl this year is “rediscovery.”

 “It’s almost guaranteed that you will discover something that you didn’t know about before,” said event co-organizer Mike Selberg. “The purpose of Pub Crawl is to remind us of at least a couple of reasons why we love this town. This year we hope everyone that participates will discover a few more.”

There is no scheduled route, but Bernhart recommends you grab a few friends, have breakfast in Cannon Beach and make a day of it – beginning at one end of town and ending at the other.

The Cannon Beach Shuttle will be running all day, so there’s no reason to bring your car – it’s safety first, especially if you’re planning to enjoy some local brews.

You will want to remember this day, so call one of the participating businesses before Feb. 20 and order your commemorative hoody. Hoodies are $30. Simply leave your name and sweatshirt size and come back to pick up your hoodie before the crawl.

This year, a T-shirt will also be available for $10 with purchase of a hoodie .


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