CANNON BEACH - The City Council in Cannon Beach is sending a letter to the Sunset Empire Transportation District commissioners hgihlighting problems with the bus system. Councilors agreed to the move in a special meeting Tuesday night.

The draft letter says that the city's memorandum of agreement with SETD requires discussion with the city before altering the bus schedules. "The changes to the Cannon Beach route are dramatic," it said. "Not discussing these changes with the city of Cannon Beach prior to implementation clearly violates the intent and purpose of the memorandum of agreement."

According to the letter, the city has offered to continue funding the shuttle twice in the past year and was turned down.

"The published schedule, the posted schedule and the actual operations of the shuttle are three entirely different things," the letter said. Concerns were also voiced about the route not being followed, a lack of responsiveness to phone calls or e-mails and citizens trying to flag down or run to the shuttle.

"This safety hazard concern needs to be addressed by SETD immediately before someone ends up hurt or dead." The letter suggested a task force of city staff and council members, SETD staff and board members and bus riders.

The council's letter was partly inspired by a list of complaints the Cannon Beach Chamber of Commerce submitted about a lack of notice on schedule changes, lack of connection between bus routes, lack of response to phone calls or e-mails and reports of people who have had to quit their jobs because of lack of transport.

SETD managers were not available for immediate comment.


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