MANZANITA - Voters have narrowly authorized the issue of $740,000 of general obligation bonds to improve Laneda Avenue, the city's main street.

City staff estimate the cost to property taxpayers will be about 69 cents per $1,000 of assessed value of the five-year life of the bond. Laneda Avenue is currently a Tillamook County road, but the city will seek a jurisdiction transfer at some point before improvements are complete, City Manager Jerry Taylor explained.

The city anticipates construction work to kick off in a year or so.

Retiring Mayor Walt Hinson has been in favor of street improvements and doesn't mind seeing sidewalks on Laneda. He and some colleagues on the council have called for "some growth," while sticking to the building, setback and zoning standards in place to keep the Manzanita feel.

The bond calls for improvements to Laneda's storm drainage system, sidewalks as well as pavement overlay for Laneda Avenue between Ocean Road and Division Street.

Councilors have indicated they intend to begin a public process to determine the exact design of the street and sidewalk.

"The council also intends to explore other outside funding sources, including Tillamook County, to assist with these improvements," Taylor said.

The vote was 172 to 152. There are 446 registered voters in the city.