Two murals created by Clatsop Community College Design and Painting students under the instruction of art instructor Kristin Shauck were unveiled in the children's section of the Astoria Public Library as part of a Martin Luther King Day event organized by Americorps member Kelsey Webster.

These two murals were integrated into the curriculum as final projects for both the Basic Design and Intro and Intermediate Painting classes this past Fall term. These murals were designed to celebrate the diversity of our global cultural heritage in honor of Martin Luther King. Each student chose a specific culture to research. The design students created an animal symbol to represent their specific culture, and the painting students collected images that in some way represent their specific culture, and worked together to create a single collage of all of the images integrated together within a single harmonious composition. Both the design and painting students used symbolic and arbitrary color to convey moods and ideas related to various cultural traditions.

Participating students were: Pat Butterworth, Patsy Chapel, Jeannette Davis, Irene Drage, Tony Gardner, Lou Kister, Meghann Lynch, Bridget Rodasky, Tommy Rogers, Dawn Stevick and Chasmin Stover.