Cindy Price announces run for City Council

<p>Cindy Price</p>

Cindy Price, a writer and community volunteer, has qualified for the November election for Astoria City Council, Ward 3. The ward comprises central Astoria and the seat is currently held by Karen Mellin, who announced today she is not seeking re-election. Marco Davis is also running for the same position.

“I want to help lay out policies that give transparency and accountability to the work of the council,” Price said. She advocates returning the Astoria Police Department returned to the county’s drug team. She also favors having drunken-driving cases prosecuted by the county.

An irony of this race is that Price’s husband, District Attorney Josh Marquis recruited Mellin to run for the Astoria City Council. Councilor Mellin subsequently disappointed Marquis by changing her mind on the Astoria Municipal Court’s jurisdiction over drunken-driving cases.

Price moved to Astoria from Southern California in 1996, after marrying Marquis. She joined the radio broadcasting class at KMUN the following week and has been a volunteer at the community radio station ever since.

Price was a member of the original, and short-lived, Astoria Arts Commission, appointed by Mayor Willis Van Dusen in 1999.

In 2002 she and fellow commission member Joe Miller, along with artist Rebecca Rubens, revived the nonprofit Astoria Visual Arts.

Price ran unsuccesfully for Clatsop County Board of Commissioners in 2006, against then-chair Richard Lee, who was later recalled by the voters.

You can find Price on the web at

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