Cori Potter-Mullen

25 years ago

Feb. 4, 1982

•After many years of meetings, discussion and hard work, the Broadway project is off the ground and flying with a July 1 target date for beginning work on the estimated $1.2 million job.

Seaside Improvement Commission chairman Bob Miller, who had fired a verbal broadside at those who are seeking to postpone the project for a year, expressed relief after the vote, saying that, “now we’re to where we can break ground.”

•To the Editor:

For the past 10 years I have watched one of our finest tourist attractions, the Peter Iredale, slowly disappear into the sands of Clatsop Beach. I think we residents of this area should start thinking of a suitable replacement before it is gone completely!

We could attract droves of tourists to Seaside if we have a shipwreck of our own. Some old tub, such as one of the old Liberty ships rusting away up on Lake Union in Seattle, would look great on our beach! The winter storms would soon having her looking quite picturesque, lying at the low tide line.

Naturally there would be a mountain of environmental paperwork to overcome to clear this project. The fuel oil tanks would have to be spotlessly cleaned, and all loose and potentially dangerous deck gear would be removed. I think there would be many volunteers and much expertise in this area to draw on to keep costs down.

Perhaps we could get someone to donate some old rust-bucket as a tax write-off, then we would only need someone to tow it down for us!

Briant Cockrum


50 years ago

Jan. 31, 1957

•The low temperature was sustained for a sufficient period on several days to freeze the water in the Necanicum in several places from bank to bank. All of the lakes and ponds in the area were frozen, some of them to the extent that it was possible to skate on them.

In spite of the severe weather there were few fires. On Friday an attempt to thaw pipes with a blowtorch resulted in a blaze at the home of Dave Niemi at 780 S. King Street. It was answering this alarm there was another at a home at Tenth and Franklin, which was caused by a chimney fire.

In spite of the weather, schools were open at all times. The weather has interfered to some extent with logging operations, which have been operating under a slow bell, in any event. The Crown Zellerbach crews have been working as usual. Crown contractors have not yet resumed operations so are not affected. The Van Vleet company suspended operations when the water at the log dumps froze, making it impossible to unload logs.

75 years ago

Feb. 11, 1932

Tickets are on sale for the Prom Improvement dance, to be held at the Bungalow hall on February 13, and all interested are urged to attend by the committee in charge. Al Thompson’s Tunetappers will provide music and a good time is assured. Five door prizes will be given away.

Receipts from the dance will be used to pay for the improvements made last fall on city property on the Prom between Eleventh and Twelfth avenue.

100 years ago

Feb. 2, 1907

•The burning question in Seaside today is the wood question. Surrounded on the north, east and south by millions of standing timber and on the west by the Pacific Ocean, there is not a stick of dry wood to be had in the town for love nor money, and war with Japan in plain view. Just think of that will you, and help us to weep!

•The proprietors’ of the skating rink wish to announce that they have just put in a hard maple floor, inspected and put their stock in through repair, purchased a lot of new skates and will be open for visitors on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday evenings and on Sunday afternoons. For the benefit of beginners, will open on Wednesday afternoons, from 2 to 3:30, for ladies and children only. If you wish to enjoy yourself “get on a skate.”

•A mistake was made in the subscription list published last week, for John Sundquist. Mr. Tagg subscribed $5, not $.50, as published. The editor regrets the error far more than Mr. Tagg does.

•Alex Duncan has lost two horses this week. Old Dan, who was 26 years old, just laid down in his stall Sunday night and died without any reason at all, and the other one died last night, perhaps from grief over the loss of Dan.


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