CANNON BEACH - The city of Cannon Beach has joined the World Wide Web.

The city's 80-page, 120-document Internet Web site features information about government, services, community and natural resources. An online calendar highlights city meetings and a forms section includes more than 40 most-requested city building, plumbing, mechanical and business forms.

( site was designed and constructed by City Manager Peggy Coats, who said she saved the city between $3,000 and $4,000 by doing it herself. She worked on the project for about four months and was helped by city staff who provided portions of the narrative and information used on different sections.

"I really hope that the Web site provides visitors and residents alike a lot of good information about what the city of Cannon Beach is and does," she said. "Particularly for the residents, we really wanted to have city government be more accessible to them, to help them understand the depth and breadth of what we provide. A lot of people don't really understand how things get done."

The Web site was one of the projects generated by Coats' review of city operations. From that review, she developed a work plan that was reviewed and approved by the city council.

The Web site's home page features a "Welcome to our city" narrative with a brief description of the city, its surroundings and history. The home page provides links to a city map, the Historical Society and the Chamber of Commerce, as well as links to information about current news and events. Also from the home page, visitors may click on links to information about the city's government, services, community and natural resources. The site also includes detailed information about the city's charter, municipal code, committees and building, planning and public works departments.

Coats believes the Web site will make it easier for residents and visitors to communicate with the city's leaders. The site includes staff and council e-mail addresses and staff member's extensions for the city's new phone system. Pages may be easily printed to allow people to take information with them.

All online forms are presented in the Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) which allows documents to be reproduced as they were originally created. They may be viewed using the Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is also available for a free download.

"We want to hear back from people about what's working and what's not," she said. "We want it to be a valuable resource for people."


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