FROM THE MAYOR: Just a reminder - A town hall meeting concerning underage drinking will be held Tuesday, 7:00 PM, May 23rd at North Coast Family Fellowship Church

May 22nd Council Agenda: Liquor License application for Mr. Fultano's Family Parlor at 215 Broadway; Ord. # 2006-07 annexing property located at 905 Queen, 1324 9th Avenue, and 1334 9th Avenue; Final approval of painting project at Convention Center; Approval of amendment to the employee's retirement plan.


The convention center hosted our own Open House on May 15. Red Cross First Aid / CPR Training on May 16. Additional events for the week ending May 21 include the NW District Lutheran Youth from May 19-21.

The exterior painting project has been completed. We feel the new colors vastly improve the overall appearance of our facility and provide us with a new and improved look.

On behalf of the entire convention center staff, we would like to thank all of you who stopped by during our open house. The turnout was great; many of you shared interesting and informative stories about the history of the convention center. We also unveiled a commemorative plaque recognizing all of the past and present convention center commission members for their dedicated service.


Fire Chief Joe Dotson, Fire Marshal Chris Dugan are in Portland today (Friday) attending a fire equipment show.

Fire and Rescue calls continue to go up in comparison to last year by close to 80 calls so far.


We have sent out approximately 740 visitor guides this week, with probably another 300 labels today. This morning Jeff at Public Works and one of his fellows brought us another pallet load of guides so we can continue to fill people's requests ....Thanks guys

Lodging properties are booking up for the 4th of July, but as of right now Memorial Weekend shows plenty of availability.

The folks that have stopped to visit us and ask directions, etc. for this week number 640, we would like more.

The phone requests have picked up since the new commercials about Seaside have started in Portland and Seattle areas, approximately 260 calls so far this week.


The reception last Tuesday for the art students of Broadway Middle School and Seaside High School was a complete success.

Thanks to Mayor Larson for supporting the students and taking the time to talk with each one about their project and discussing art in general.


DISPATCH RESIGNATION. Today is Val's last day. She's getting married and moving out of state. Thank you Val for your outstanding service to the city!

TRAINING. Dispatchers have been doing a two-hour geographic training exercise. They are locating and photographing forty different new streets and jurisdiction boundaries within our 9-1-1 jurisdiction. A good dispatcher can picture the vicinity of where an incident is occurring.

PATROL RECRUITMENT. Fifteen candidates tested for the patrol vacancy.

EMERGENCY TELEPHONE NOTIFICATION SYSTEM. We are beginning the research on what various features vendors offer. Will compile our list of needs and draft an RFP for acquisition. Funding for this endeavor will be via Congressman Wu's federal appropriation to Seaside.


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