FROM THE MAYOR: My thanks to all City Budget Committee Members for participating in our Budget meetings. Hopefully only one more meeting and we will be ready for the new year. To me the process this year has been the best I have seen in all my "budget years". Thanks to all.

Budget Committee Meeting Reminder: Monday, May 15th at 7:00 PM.


Adult Education: a strenuous effort to learn about things that bored you when you were still young enough to profit from them.

Candidate, Political: a modest man/woman who shrinks from the publicity of private life to seek the obscurity of public office.


The convention center hosted the Oregon World Organization of China Painters from May 8-12.

We have recently purchased new stairs for our main stage. The new stairs will enhance and upgrade the appearance of the Main Hall.

The exterior painting project is 95% complete. Randy Anderson with Anderson Painting has done a great job; we are very pleased with his quality of workmanship and attention to detail.

Please make plans to stop by and say hello during our open house on Monday, May 15th from 5P-7P. Appetizers, cake and beverages will be served. We are also scheduling behind the scene tours every half hour. Everyone is invited to attend.


Seaside Fire Department has been awarded a $6,200 grant from the Oregon Department of Forestry for wildland fire fighting equipment. This is for hoses, tools, and clothing.

This Saturday several fire departments in the County will participate in the annual Firefighter Recognition Day parade in Seaside. The parade starts at Noon.

Jason Schermerhorn, Aron Harrison, Tyler Johnson, and Dallen Maine recently completed their entry level fire fighter training and are now entry level fighters. Congratulations gentlemen!


The reception for the student art show has been changed. The date is the same, Tuesday, March 16th, but the times have changed. The event is scheduled from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. Please stop by.


Interesting information: TRAVELHOST magazine - Results of a Harvard Business School Working Knowledge 2005 survey states "the female traveler comprises 50 percent of all frequent fliers and makes up to 70 percent of her family's travel decisions."

Results of another study, this time by the American Hotel and Lodging Association in 2003 stated that the profile of leisure travelers is: "two adults, ages 35-54 with an average household income of $71,600, staying in one locale for three days."


Wednesday, May 17th from 5:15-9:00 PM SERPD Board Meeting.


MISSING MAN. Eric Alward was located this morning at around 0815 hours walking out of Beerman Creek and heading back to town. He was cold, wet, and suffering from exposure. He said he had gotten lost. He was taken to Seaside Providence Hospital to be treated and reunited with his family. Thank for everyone's efforts..

HOSTED JOB SHADOW. An Astoria Dispatcher, as part of her continuing education, shadowed Valerie Mannix in our dispatch center for four hours Wednesday morning. Our dispatchers also job shadow occasionally at both Astoria Dispatch and Medix.

MASONIC HIGH SCHOOL AWARD CEREMONY. Wednesday night Chief Gross spoke at the Seaside High School Academic Achievement Awards sponsored by the Evergreen Masonic Lodge.

TILLAMOOK HEAD FIRE REPEATER ISSUES. Lynn and Chief Gross met with fire chiefs this week discussing recent efforts to improve radio reception. Other options were discussed and are being further reviewed. Information regarding findings are being shared amongst all south county fire chiefs.

STRATEGIC PLAN PROGRESS. We had our fourth meeting regarding drafting a strategic plan. Draft Mission, Vision and Value Statements were provided as a result of our last meeting. Three goals, with possible objectives were drafted. More to come....

DISPATCH MEETING. Infrequently throughout the year we have dispatch meetings. Topics we discussed were: a continuing education strategy; call time analysis; Lead Dispatch position; Fire Department dispatch changes; new hire training; changes to the news media general order.

PATROL RECRUITMENT TESTING. Twelve patrol candidates were tested this week. Another testing session is scheduled for this Saturday

PATROL TRAINING. Officer Lister these past two weeks has been attending DRE (Drug Recognition Expert) training. Officer Lister will be one of only five in the county, and the only DRE from our agency.

LAW ENFORCEMENT MEMORIAL WEEK. Don't forget next week is "Law Enforcement Memorial Week". We will be providing blue ribbons for the patrol vehicle antennas and badges will have black tape or stripe to commemorate the 155 officers who lost their lives in 2005.



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