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Clackamas County is adopting a set of election safeguards after an election worker was found illegally tampering with ballots during last fall's election.

County Clerk Sherry Hall said the county did what it was supposed to in that case, and the person responsible was brought to justice.

Now, a committee has made recommendations for specific changes to Clackamas County's ballot-counting process. That committee included three Republicans, three Democrats and three people with other affiliations. Hall says the county will shift where the observers stand in relation to the processing tables.

"The old way, all the observers could see were the backs and fronts of people and they couldn't see what was going on at the table," Hall said. "So, by putting them perpendicular, where you're looking down the table with people on each side, they're watching the hands and the paper, and how it's moving. So it's a better view of what's really going on."

The county will also prohibit any writing utensils that aren't the official green and purple pens, and will add supervisors during busy elections.

One recommendation that won't be ready until May 2014 is a new security system, that will track people as they enter and exit the counting room.

This story originally appeared on Oregon Public Broadcasting.

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