Clatsop Care Center is recruiting volunteers for its Compassionate Companion program. To participate, attendance at a training workshop from 8:30 a.m. to noon May 4 is required. 

Compassionate Companions have the opportunity to contribute to the quality of life of the center’s residents by befriending them in times of need. Volunteer roles are flexible and can accommodate many schedules and interests. 

Current needs for the Compassionate Companion program include volunteers for regularly scheduled supportive one-on-one visits with residents in emotional crisis, and volunteers for short term commitments to support residents and their families who are in the terminal process. 

Specialized training and ongoing support to volunteers will be provided. Volunteers will work on an on-call basis and may be placed with residents living at Clatsop Care Center or Clatsop Retirement Village.

Qualities that will make a successful volunteer include compassion, patience, good listening skills, and ability to maintain confidentiality laws. 

For information about the program, and to register for the workshop, call Rosetta Hurley at 503-325-0313, ext. 222, or Mandy Brenchley at 503-325-0313, ext. 209, weekdays.