May was National Scholarship month and Clatsop Community College students were awarded $32,640 in scholarships so far for the 2005-06 academic year. In addition, the college will award approximately $147,000 in its new Opportunity and Success Grants.

Listed are the grants and recipients:

Alph Iota Sorority, $300, Suzanne Patin.

Amelia Kuitert Memorial, $700, Karen Bersine.

C & E Hogan Teaching, $1,100, Rachel Steiner.

CCC Nursing, $1,000, Taunya Kjemperud

Columbia Memorial Auxiliary, $700, Carey Gilson and Diane Wilkie.

Coast Guard Spouses Association, $600, Mona Foss.

CMH, $696, Rachel Boothby, Tiffani Bronsema and Jessica Hadfield.

Dr. John and Jan Swanson, $600, Danielle Davis.

Ellen Shannon Living Memorial, $1,000 Chrystal Zander.

Funland Entertainment, $2,300, Constance Wirkkala.

Gray Early Childhood Education, $1050, Lora Baker, Sara Sparks, Rebecca Teubner and Rachel Ward.

Judy Hogan for the Arts, $1,800, Jason Karns.

Lower Columbia Power Squadron, $700, Margaret Strozyk.

Megan Samuel Memorial, $2,500, Chrystal Zander.

Merriam Shawa, $600, Diane Wilkie.

Oregon State Sheriffs, $800, Kenya Gonzalez Ramos.

OSEA, $150, Sylvia Adams.

P.E.O. Margaret Howell, $1,000, Dennielle Padgett.

Pickering e-Learning, $250, Rachel Ward.

Providence Seaside Hospital, $700, Rachel Boothby, Tiffani Bronsema, Kathy McCall and Dennielle Padgett.

Sally and Nestor Leino, $250, Sarah Salmonson.

Seaport Masonic Lodge No. 7, $500, Florence Alani and Andrew Browning.

Sou'Wester Garden Club, $650, Chelsea Ogren.

Warfield and Elizabeth Martin, $1,800, Laura Waight.

WATEC, $2,052, Brenda Hardwick.