Sellers: John H.F. Miner and Geralyne W. Miner

Buyer: Glenn Dahl

Address: 80726 U.S. Highway 101, Cannon Beach

Price: $2.2 million


Seller: Aaron Strickland

Buyer: Kenneth D. Baumgardner and Jodi L. Baumgardner

Address: 89663 Ocean Drive, Warrenton

Price: $620,000


Seller: Donald B. Levine

Buyers: Peter O’Neal and Tiffany O’Neal

Address: 272 W. Tanana Ave., Cannon Beach

Price: $572,000


Seller: Marilyn Myke Wabs

Buyers: Timothy G. Leedom and Lily Dupont Leedom

Address: 31971 Clatsop Lane, Arch Cape

Price: $465,000


Sellers: Chad E. Skinner and Tania C. Skinner

Buyers: Vincent R. LaVecchia and Meghan L. Pruitt

Address: 79858 Lower Nehalem Road, Seaside

Price: $410,000


Seller: Rita Wannebo

Buyers: Richard F. Sabol and Karen E. Sabol

Address: 1149 N. Cottage Ave., Gearhart

Price: $300,000


Sellers: Virgil F. Campbell and Jean E. Campbell

Buyer: Catherine H. Smith

Address: 90040 Ocean Drive, Warrenton

Price: $625,000


Sellers: Mary Elizabeth Linth and Kathleen Louise Huber

Buyers: Brian Laliberte and Heidi Raffle-Laliberte

Address: 163 W. Madison St., Cannon Beach

Price: $595,000


Seller: Wayne M. Quimby and Michael J. Roberts

Buyers: Jim Robson and Avril Robson

Address: 339 S. Hemlock St., Cannon Beach

Price: $565,000


Seller: Cornelius G. Sullivan, Jr.

Buyers: Brett L. Corrick and Wayne B. Corrick

Address: 235 S. Ocean Ave., Gearhart

Price: $510,000


Seller: Brownstar Investments, LLC

Buyers: Garvin J. Hamilton and Cheri A. Hamilton

Address: 82624 Elkwood Mountain Road, Cannon Beach

Price: $475,000


Sellers: Howard C. Nagle and Eileen C. Nagle

Buyers: Neil R. Tunmore and Claire D. Tunmore

Address: 3523 W. Chinook St., Cannon Beach

Price: $470,000


Seller: Daniel J. Vollum

Buyer: Dennis W. McVicker

Address: 80398 Carnahan Road, Arch Cape

Price: $2.06 million


Sellers: Herbert W. Florer and Tamara J. Florer

Buyers: James A. Logan and Patricia Sargeant

Address: 1270 Cypress Court, Cannon Beach

Price: $450,000


Sellers: Richard L. Hoffman and Nancy R. Hoffman

Buyers: Jerome D. Buford and Katherine A. Buford

Address: 396 W. Lexington Ave., Astoria

Price: $339,000


Seller: M. Elizabeth Safley-Griffey

Buyers: George E. Hudson and Patricia Hudson

Address: 76 Skyline Ave., Astoria

Price: $314,880


Seller: Gregory E. Newenhof

Buyers: James B. Wood and Sonia M. Wood

Address: 1228 11th St., Astoria

Price: $293,000


Seller: Clatsop County

Buyer: Sunquest LLC

Address: 822 Necanicum Drive, Seaside

Price: $825,000


Seller: Susan M. Clark

Buyer: Century Real Estate LLC

Address: 3400 S. Hemlock St. No. 101, Cannon Beach

Price: $310,000


Sellers: Eric W. Lappi and Karen G. Cornell

Buyers: Philip Reilly and Melanie McClain-Reilly

Address: 2421 Ocean Vista Drive, Seaside

Price: $300,000


Seller: Sunrise Homes LLC

Buyers: William C. Isom and Jaime L. Engblom

Address: 40412 Angberg Lane, Astoria

Price: $263,500


Seller: Federal National Mortgage Association

Buyer: Steven A. Baer

Address: 2472 S. Hemlock St., Cannon Beach

Price: $260,000


Sellers: Shawn D. Ryan and Irina V. Ryan

Buyers: Thomas Arnel Wage and Julie Marsalek Wage

Address: 1620 Whispering Pines Drive, Seaside

Price: $230,000


Seller: Gary L. Blacklidge

Buyer: Columbia State Bank

Address: 7 Skyline Place, Astoria

Price: $2.04 million


Seller: North Coast Retail LLC

Buyer: Stanton Structures, Inc.

Address: 1490 Discovery Lane, Warrenton

Price: $1.14 million


Sellers: Thomas D. Coryell and Diana L. Coryell

Buyers: Marc D. Warren and Diana I. Warren

Address: 33151 Columbia Beach Lane, Warrenton

Price: $260,000


Seller: Jesse A. Browning

Buyers: Scot E. Turpin and Deborah J. Turpin

Address: 42921 Hillcrest Loop, Astoria

Price: $210,000


Seller: Cheryl M. Shrode

Buyer: Chad J. Arnold and Krista C. Arnold

Address: 42383 E. Orchard Lane, Astoria

Price: $155,000


Seller: Thomas J. Bergin

Buyer: U.S. Bank, National Association

Address: 24 N.W. Date Drive, Warrenton

Price: $135,000


Seller: Lynne Irene Angel

Buyers: Barbara R. Felisky and Timothy Felisky

Address: 79544 Ray Brown Road, Arch Cape

Price: $950,000


Seller: Sand Chateau LLC

Buyer: Sand Chateau I LLC

Address: 1317 N. Prom, Seaside

Price: $800,000


Seller: Gearhart Land and Capital LLC

Buyers: Robert D. Tilander and Kathie Tilander

Address: 705 Creekside Drive, Gearhart

Price: $309,000


Sellers: Roger A. Blair and Tonny Blair

Buyer: Carol A. Kelleher

Address: 109 S. Place, Astoria

Price: $285,000


Seller: Carol Ann Kelleher

Buyers: Felix Noel Martinez and Vicki M. Martinez

Address: 93122 Scandinavian Road, Astoria

Price: $285,000


Sellers: Michael R. Umbriaco and Dena L. Umbriaco

Buyers: Ronald A. Funk and Barbara Funk

Address: 43016 Valley Creek Lane, Astoria

Price: $125,000


Seller: John Pratt

Buyers: Eric Lind and Mary Lind

Address: 90265 Lewis Road, Warrenton

Price: $320,000


Sellers: Kenneth Docekal, Robert Yoder, Andrew Moyer and Maryann Moyer

Buyer: Shadowfax Group LLC

Address: 386 Sunset Boulevard, Cannon Beach

Price: $305,000


Sellers: Jack Cates and Cathie Cates

Buyers: John Randall Wiltgen and Judy Joy Wiltgen

Address: 1938 Pine Ridge Drive, Gearhart

Price: $290,000


Seller: Cousin Camp LLC

Buyer: Clatsop County Housing Authority

Address: 152 2nd St. and 208 Bond St., Astoria

Price: $280,000


Sellers: Glen E. Goates and Cathy A. Goates

Buyers: Michael H. Miller and Frances J. Miller

Address: 3738 Franklin Ave., Astoria

Price: $205,000


Seller: Olstedt Construction Inc.

Buyer: Gerald Richard Graham

Address: 2244 S.E. Salal Loop, Warrenton

Price: $195,000


Sellers: Douglas A. Schmick and Melanie A. Schmick

Buyer: Reunion House LLC

Address: 1021 S. Prom, Seaside

Price: $1.1 million


Seller: Daggett Investments LLC

Buyer: Seaside Lodging and Hospitality LLC

Address: 531 Avenue A, Seaside

Price: $680,000


Sellers: Nancy L. Macklin and Garrett R. Long

Buyers: Jack W. Healy and Suzanne G. Healy

Address: 324 First St., Gearhart

Price: $525,000


Seller: North River Homes, LLC

Buyer: Jason E. Maddux

Address: 2118 Forest Drive, Seaside

Price: $379,000


Sellers: Lester A. Marty, Gail L. Marty, Damon A. Marty and Kelly C. Marty

Buyers: Edwin S. Collier and Sarah E. Andrews-Collier

Address: 2448 Neawanna St., Seaside

Price: $375,000


Sellers: Gary R. Trenner II and Andrea S. Trenner

Buyers: Carin K. Pluedeman and Robert L. Jones

Address: 35773 Miller Heights Lane, Astoria

Price: $340,000

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