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All submission forms must be received seven(7) days prior to intended publication date to be placed in printed version. Web versions will be updated within 48 hours.1Organization name:Address:Mailing Address (if different):(Required)Phone number:

Day: Night:(Required)Contact Name, Title:

(Required)Email Address :

2Check a box for the section of the paper where you would prefer to have your information appear. News items are placed one time on a space-available basis and no guarantees are made as to location or day. Most deadlines are one week prior.

Almanac (club calendar for meetings)

North Coast Page 3 (special meetings or events)

Senior Living first and third Wednesdays

Business Thursdays

Coast Weekend Thursday arts and entertainment guide

Community Fridays (gatherings, reunions, weddings, engagements, military notes, honors, family and neighbor issues)

Religion Fridays

3What is the most important information about this event, achievement of news item? For example, if your group is launching a new service or holding a barbecue, say so here.

4If you are holding an event or meeting:What day of the week:SundayMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturdayAll weekWhat date (month-day-year):What time (start and finish):Where (Street address or prominent landmark):Any costs, if not, say so:Who benefits from the proceeds, if anyWho is speaking, performing (full name):5If you are announcing a change in your organization or lauding an achievement:What is the change or who received

the honor (full names):

When did this occur:What does it mean to the organization or recipient:Who awarded the honor or what prompted the change:6Describe your organization in general terms, i.e. a Clatsop County nonprofit group responding to the needs of a senior citizens:


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