New campus and budget cuts ahead for board membersFour incumbent Clatsop Community College board members are running for re-election: Rosemary Baker-Monaghan, Doug Grant, Karen Mellin and Frank Satterwhite.

Grant was appointed to the board last year after David Shannon resigned.

Even with the selection of a new Clatsop Community College campus site ahead, and a bond for the new campus going to voters in November 2006, none of the board members face opposition.

Mellin said she hopes the lack of opposition signals trust in the current board "to come up with a plan that is more than satisfactory to all the citizens of Clatsop County."

Satterwhite said that either the public is pleased with what the board has been doing, or that "no one else is currently interested in dealing with the problems of diminishing financial resources and the time involved."

The college is facing a $200,000 reduction in state funding under the governor's proposed budget. The state is also changing the way it funds community colleges, meaning that Clatsop will lose $800,000 over the next six years.

Here are the candidates:

Doug GrantDoug GrantAge: 66

Address: 33552 Toyas Lane, Seaside

Occupation: Sales

Education: M.S. University of Washington, B.A. Whitman College

Affiliations: None

Time in Clatsop County: 8 years

Prior public service: Astoria Rotary, Seaside Chamber of Commerce board member

Issues/Goals: Represent my geography to the best of my ability; be a growing, meaningful member of the board; help maintain and grow the current curriculum; help with the planning and execution of a new campus.(2-year remainder unexpired term)

Grant, who works in sales, is running for the zone 3, position 7 seat.

Grant said facilities planning is the biggest challenge the board faces. He voiced his frustration that the college has to continue to invest money in the current campus to maintain its accreditation even while it is intensively planning to build at a new location, but said the college is in a strong position to secure money for construction.

"The state has gone on record as saying they're going to support it financially if the community does," Grant said, referring to $25 million in bonding money included in the governor's budget.

He said he doesn't yet have a preference between the John Warren Field site and the Warrenton acreage, the two sites under consideration for a new campus.

"You could flip a coin and you could have a great story to tell at either site," he said. "Either site would be dynamite."

Frank SatterwhiteFrank SatterwhiteAge: 65

Address: 36634 Christians Lane, Astoria

Occupation: Retired college instructor, semi-retired psychologist

Education: Ph.D. & M.Ed. University of Washington, B.A. Seattle Pacific University

Affiliations: None

Length of time in Clatsop County: 241/2 years

Prior public service: Lewis & Clark School District Board, Clatsop Community College Board

Issues/Goals: Insure that the college offers the best possible educational services allowed by our resources to citizens of Clatsop County; insure the long-term future of the college's physical facilities for the benefit of Clatsop County residents.

Satterwhite, a retired college instructor and semi-retired psychologist, is running for the zone 2, position 3 seat.

Satterwhite said maintaining services to the public, and doing so with less money, is one of the biggest mountains in front of the board. He said becoming leaner and more efficient college is a goal foisted upon the board by the current financial situation.

"To ignore that as a goal is to put our heads in the sand," he said.

Satterwhite said another important goal is to move ahead with an updated, more modern campus.

He said there is no guarantee that voters will approve a bond to finance a new college, but that with the state fronting $25 million in matching funds, local residents are getting a very good deal.

"That's a significant difference from the last time we went to the public," he said. "I think that will make a difference."

Satterwhite said the college should keep pursuing both proposed campus sites until it's clear that one is a "go-ahead."

Karen MellinKaren MellinAge: 62

Address: 1343 Irving Ave., Astoria

Occupation: Coordinator, Astoria High School Alternative Education

Education: B.A. English, minors in Secondary Ed. and French, University of Oregon; Astoria High School graduate

Affiliations: North Coast Women's Political Caucus

Length of time in Clatsop County: Moved to Astoria in 1951 from southern California; attended Astor Elementary and Lewis and Clark Elementary (Central School) and graduated Astoria High School 1960; returned to Astoria 1984

Prior public service: Clatsop Comnmunity College Board, 2001-05; United Way Board of Directors, 1996-98; Clatsop County Women's Resource Center Board, 1995-98; North Coast Women's Political Caucus Board, 1987-90

Issues/Goals: CCC needs adequate facilities to meet demands for expanded educational opportunities for our citizens and to meet demands of a changing workforce; CCC needs to continue to support highly qualified faculty and staff within limited budget constraints.

Mellin, coordinator of Astoria High School's alternative education program, is running for the zone 2, position 2 seat.

Mellin said retaining excellent staff and finding an answer to the college's facilities problems are the biggest issues in front of the board.

Mellin said her vision for providing students and staff with better facilities is a very different from the vision of other board members.

She said she doesn't see Clatsop as a one-campus college - especially not in Warrenton.

"The Warrenton site I would totally vote against," she said. "I have not heard of one person who would accept that of the people in my constituency."

Mellin said she could see the college staying up on Jerome Avenue, an option that isn't currently under consideration.

"This is our Harvard on the hill," she said. "The buildings are old, but there are ways of working with them."

Mellin also said she could see some development on the John Warren Field site, but not the "whole ball of wax."

Rosemary Baker-MonaghanRosemary Baker-MonaghanAge: 49

Address: 1880 S. Edgewood, Seaside

Occupation: Baker, Monaghan and Associates, self employed

Education: B.S. Forest Management, Washington State University, 1978; M.A.C.E. (Master Adult & Continuing Education), Education, Washington State University, 1986.

Current affiliations: ShoreBank Enterprise Pacific Board of Directors, Fort Clatsop Historical Association, Northwest Oregon Economic Alliance Board of Directors, Northwest Regional Partnership Board of Directors, Providence Seaside Hospital Community Board, Clatsop County Economic Development Commission Executive Board and Forestry Committee, Liberty Theater Inc., American Leadership Forum Senior Fellow, member, Kiwanis Club of Seaside, member, Society of American Foresters since 1975

Length of time in Clatsop County: 1978

Prior public service: Clatsop Community College Board of Directors, 2001-2005; Mayor of Seaside, 1999-2003; Seaside City Council, 1994-1998; Seaside Planning Commission, 1991-1994; Seaside Improvement Commission, 1994-2003

Issues/Goals: New campus, with a view toward long-term planning for educational needs; opportunities for four-year degrees while attending CCC; increased partnerships with the larger community; build work force development programs;smooth transitions and complete credit transfers for graduating students moving on to the university system.

Baker-Monaghan, who is self-employed, is running for the zone 3, position 5 seat.

Baker-Monaghan's goals include planning for a new campus while keeping in mind the school's long-term needs, and the changes in facility requirements that growth brings.

She would like to see increased partnerships with businesses and institutions in the community, and stronger connections between the public K-12 school system and Clatsop Community College.

Baker-Monaghan would also like to see some disciplines at CCC that offer students the opportunity to earn a four-year degree, and would like to see smoother transitions for students moving from the community college to the Oregon University System.

Building workforce development programs and supporting the existing Business Development Center in Seaside are also on her agenda.