Clatsop Community College will hold classes on Friday, and instructors will stick to the regular schedule.

That means final exams for some students, although teachers have the leeway to assess students as they see fit, CCC President Greg Hamann said Thursday.

Power came on at the Astoria campus Thursday afternoon, and administrators expected it to stay on indefinitely. Faculty president Jo Black made the ultimate decision not to postpone finals, which were originally scheduled for Thursday and Friday.

Hamann said students who had finals slatted for Thursday can skip them.

And as for those who needed high exam scores to boost their overall grades, he said, "We'll be encouraging students to work with our faculty, and if the final was an important thing the faculty will work with them on that.

Meanwhile, all other county school districts are closed at least through the weekend.

Astoria schools also will reopen Monday if power remains on in the area.

"It's just a matter of having the power back on," said Superintendent Mike Sowder. "We'll be up and running Monday morning, based on power."

Sowder said buildings have been patched up and are "in pretty good shape," although he was worried about getting freezers back on line and fresh food to fill them.

In Warrenton, classes also will resume Monday, although like Astoria, food is a concern.

"We lost everything in our refrigerators," Superintendent Craig Brewington said.

He added South Jetty High School, which serves young offenders in the Oregon Youth Authority program through the Warrenton School District, has been open all week.

"I've been really impressed," said Brewington. "The teaching staff dropped everything, all the problems at their own homes, and came in to teach those kids.

Jewell School is closed Friday because of water problems.

Knappa schools were expected to have power by the end of Thursday and would begin classes again Monday, said Superintendent Rick Pass.

Seaside will open Monday morning if electricity is on and custodial staff have determined buildings are safe.