The Titanic Lifeboat Academy, a nonprofit Astoria organization dedicated to education for sustainable living, presents "The Lifeboat Conference: Doing Something About Peak Oil," Friday through Sunday. Attendees can discover the opportunities for creating a simpler, more fulfilling life beyond fossil fuels by being "positive, prepared, and proactive now," said Educational Director Caren Black.

Kevin Danaher of Global Exchange will be the keynote speaker. Matt Savinar, author of "Life After the Oil Crash" and David Room, North American Director for Post Carbon Institute and Global Public Media, will address the conference and facilitate workshops.

Registration and information are available at Lucy's Books, 348 12th St., by calling 325-6886 or visiting

Sunday through Wednesday, the Titanic Lifeboat Academy sponsors a full moon Solstice Healing Retreat in response to the current political climate and Peak Oil. "This Summer Solstice is a time for renewing the spirit and reconnecting with Earth's healing energies," Black explained.

Men's sessions will be led by George McClendon, psychologist, and Bill Kauth, founder of the New Warrior Training. Luna Crow and Joanne Gabriel will lead women's sessions. There will be a combined Solstice celebration Tuesday evening. Brochures and information are available at A Gypsy's Whimsy, 1139 Commercial St., or at the contacts above.

The Titanic Lifeboat Academy is a sustainable living demonstration center overlooking Youngs River, and is host to the Lifeboat Camp, an educational program for troubled teens that emphasizes the arts and appropriate technology such as green building design and organic gardening.