MANZANITA – Ever dreamed of building your own home? Even acting as your own general contractor to save some bucks in the construction process?

Likely you’re not alone, which is why George Hinkhouse has written “Home Building Guide – Easy Steps to Build Your Own Home.”

Hinkhouse, who has been building homes (more than 180) locally since 1990, said he had been thinking of writing the book for some time.

With new-home starts languishing and extra time on his hands, he finally sat down and, over the course of six months, wrote and illustrated his book.

The result is a 70-page guide that takes a prospective homebuilder from the permit process and site preparation to the finishing touches and final inspection.

Hinkhouse said he doesn’t recommend that an inexperienced builder do any of the physical work. “Construction of a home is dangerous work,” he said. “It should be done by trained professionals.

There is no way you can match their expertise in their trades.”

In addition to his homebuilding guide, Hinkhouse is promoting his services as a consultant to those who wish to act as their own contractor. He would help to lower construction costs and to hire qualified, experienced subcontractors.

He estimates that his consulting can help a novice builder save 20 percent, or $40,000 on a $200,000 home. Most important, he says, “I can help people avoid making mistakes.”

Available online through eBooks, Hinkhouse’s building guide is available for $24.95.

To learn more about being your own contractor and Hinkhouse’s consulting service, visit Available at the site, is a free two-page report and a link to order the book.

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