The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is evaluating a permit application from the Port of Astoria to complete the expansion of the West Mooring Basin.

The project activities would include relocating an existing fuel dock, realigning existing floats, installing a new gangway and floats, replacing existing retaining walls and authorizing construction that was unauthorized.

The permit applicant had placed approximately 1,900 cubic yards of rock that was removed from a previous authorization on approximately 175 linear feet of bankline, the Corps said.

The project would require removal of approximately 1,200 cubic yards of material and a total of 1,500 cubic yards of riprap, and new pilings would be installed. A total of 0.5 acres of water would be impacted.

If the permit is issued, the Corps will determine what is appropriate and practical compensatory mitigation.

As part of its permit evaluation process, the Corps is requesting public review and comment on the proposed project before making its permit decision.

For a copy of the Corps' Public Notice 2001-00353, which describes the proposed project in detail, please write to U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, ATTN: CENWP-OP-GP (Karla Ellis), P.O. Box 2946, Portland, OR 97208-2946 or call (503) 808-4377. A copy of the public notice, including photocopies of supporting drawings, is posted on the Corps' Internet site at (

Written comments must reach the Corps by Sept. 29, and should be mailed to the above address. Send e-mail comments to Karla.G.Ellis@

Comments must reference the public notice number.


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