A beach home décor shop recently opened in Seaside's Gilbert District, the redeveloped dining and shopping area on Broadway, between Roosevelt (U.S. Highway 101) and the Necanicum River.

Owner Debra Duff opened Cottage by the Bay, offering "décor with vintage charm," in July.

Duff described Cottage by the Bay as a boutique carrying cottage-style décor, "with a splash of French, old-world tropical, shabby chic vintage, and beach flavors." 

Cottage by the Bay is filled with a large variety of gifts and collectables.

"I carry a large assortment of greeting cards, including the Quotable and Stonehenge brands. People always compliment me on my card selection," Duff said. "I'm a card nut."

Other products on display include linens, quilted throws and pillows, table runners, teacups, teapots, pitchers, creamers, figurines, silk flowers, artwork, vases, lace curtains, inspirational books, clever wall signs, candlesticks, and candles. 

"I also carry a wonderful line of personal care products," Duff said, "including Pre' de Provence French-milled soaps, Verbena massage oil, lotions and body wash. They are very popular items in the shop."

Duff said her primary customers are women. "However, I do get gentlemen shopping for greeting cards, music CD's, and gifts. People especially like the classic Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin CD's."

Duff said she opened Cottage by the Bay because she has always enjoyed decorating and designing.

"It's a way to be creative" she said, "and I've always enjoyed finding that perfect something to complete a look or style that's inviting and pleasing to the eye. It's always been a passion of mine."

This is Duff's second home décor venture. She opened her first Cottage by the Bay store in Florence, Ore., six years ago.

"I love the Oregon coast," she said. "In 2002 I moved to Florence from Los Angeles, where I was a movie set estimator in the movie industry."

After six years in Florence, Duff said, she was ready for a change. "I love the north coast and though Florence is a beautiful part of Oregon, I really love the energy here in Seaside. Florence is more of a retirement community. Being closer to Portland is a plus. And now I'm closer to the beach and sand, which is where I've always wanted to be."

Duff said Seaside's Gilbert District is a great location for her new business.

"I believe that the direction this area is going will behoove any business. We not only have our summer crowd, but we also have our storm watchers and those that like the quieter atmosphere of the wintertime."

Cottage by the Bay

Address: 611 Broadway, Seaside

Phone: (503) 717-1899

Email: bizbythebeach@yahoo.com

Hours: 11 a.m. until 5 p.m., seven days a week

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