CANNON BEACH - Homeowners with licenses can rent their houses as frequently as they want in Cannon Beach.

The Cannon Beach City Council voted 3-2 at a workshop Friday to allow the 92 short-term rentals to continue. Those licenses, now known as transient rentals, do not apply when the property changes hands. Mayor Dave Rouse said that was unfair as he voted against the ordinance.

"Other than that, I would have voted for it," he said.

Councilor Betsy Ayres also voted against the ordinance. "People in Cannon Beach expected short-term rentals to terminate Jan. 1, 2005," she said.

Councilor Carmen Swigart said the ordinance is a compromise, and no one got exactly what they wanted.

"It's a good solution," Councilor George Vetter said. "I suspect that it will stand in spite of whatever opposition there might be."

Vacation rentals that allow a renter once every 14 days will be available to all citizens. An ordinance to extend the 92 transient licenses to April if a citizen referendum suspends the short-term rental ordinance passed unanimously.

The council also voted 4-1 to change the hotel tax to apply to the first 30 days of rental, instead of 13.

"Being on the same page with the state makes sense," Rouse said. The state also collects taxes for the first 30 days.

Swigart, who will collect the tax from her customers, said a 30-day tax makes the paperwork easier.

Vetter voted against the change.

"I think 30 days is too long," he said.


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