During the week ending Sunday, the Clatsop County Jail released three people under the matrix system and furloughed two to reduce the population.

All three people released had been arrested for skipping court on charges of drunken driving. One had been arrested following a traffic crash and failed diversion. One also failed to appear on court on charges of being a minor in possession of alcohol and buying alcohol. This person was arrested in June for allegedly having methamphetamine and was released from jail at that time to reduce the population. The third person released has previous arrests for drunken driving, violating a restraining order and violating probation for criminal mischief.

The two people who were furloughed were placed on house arrest with electronic monitoring. One was furloughed six days after being sentenced to jail for 25 days for supplying marijuana to a 13-year-old relative. This person has previously been arrested for drunken driving, fourth- degree assault, harassment and probation violation.

The second person was in jail pending trial on charges of felony domestic assault, menacing and harassment. This person previously served about one year of a three-year prison sentence for third-degree assault. Less than a year after being released, this person was convicted of fourth-degree assault and sentenced to six months in jail. This person has been in the Clatsop County jail nine times, six for violating parole. Other charges have included robbery, drunken driving, furnishing liquor to a minor, giving false information to police and resisting arrest.

At the start of the day Monday, Clatsop County was responsible for 79 inmates, of which 64 were incarcerated in the county's 64-bed jail and 15 lodged in beds rented at the Tillamook County Jail. During the previous week, the jail reached a high of 66 inmates.

Forty-eight offenders are assigned to the community work crew. Clatsop County Community Corrections had 10 individuals on electronic monitoring.


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