The Clatsop County Community Corrections Department is now using the county's Web site to provide community notification of registered sex offenders under its supervision who are deemed as predatory.

"We are doing this to increase the awareness in the community of these specific offenders 'These offenders have met specific criteria to be classified as 'predatory' sex offenders.'- Danny Jordan

Community Corrections Directorin order to enhance public safety," Community Corrections Director Danny Jordan said. "These offenders have met specific criteria to be classified as 'predatory' sex offenders. The Web site provides a forum to deliver a consistent means of notification to the community of certain offenders that we know pose a potential danger."

The Web site may be accessed by going to (, clicking "Services," clicking "Community Corrections" and clicking on "Predatory Sex Offenders."

The Web site provides the names, photographs, addresses and other pertinent information that could be helpful to members of the community to take measures to protect themselves and children from potential, unauthorized contact with these offenders. Depending on many other circumstances, Community Corrections may, at its discretion, notify by other means beyond that of the Web site, such as posting signs at an offender's home or issuing door-to-door notices to neighbors.

"The offenders who are posted on the Web page are not wanted for new crimes, and people should not attempt to apprehend them," Jordan said.

Anyone with information of misconduct or possible violations of probation, parole or post-prison supervision by any of these offenders is asked to contact Community Corrections at 325-4982 or through the Web site.

In keeping with Oregon Revised Statutes 181.585 through 181.589, Community Corrections has determined the release of information on predatory sex offenders does not substantially interfere with the treatment or rehabilitation of those individuals.

Most registered sex offenders living in Clatsop County are not classified as "predatory" and are not listed on the Web site. The site lists only those who are under the supervision of Community Corrections while serving a period of probation, parole or post-prison supervision.


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