SCAPPOOSE - The Cowapa League held its annual cross country preview meet Monday at McCormick Park in St. Helens, with the host Scappoose Indians showing that they will be a team to beat this year on the boys' side, along with the Banks girls.

Scappoose had the top two finishers in the boys' 5,000-meter race (Zach Fry and Todd Graham), while Tillamook had three of the next five runners.

Seaside's Brett Willyard was third in a time of 18 minutes, 12 seconds. The meet was not team scored.

"The idea of the meet is to give athletes from throughout the league a chance to see each other, and for coaches to get a very preliminary view of how teams stack up against one another," said Seaside coach Neil Branson. "This early in the season many athletes are just beginning to gain the fitness levels required to run a strong 5K race."

In the girls' race, Banks had four of the top eight runners, while Tia Carnahan of Scappoose was the winner in 20:20.

Seaside's Antona Ferry was fifth in 21:38, and Astoria sophomore Aurora Olson took sixth in 21:43.

Seaside will be the host team Saturday in the 21st annual 3-Course Challenge, which begins at 10 a.m. at Camp Rilea.

Branson said 93 teams will be competing, with schools from Oregon, Washington, Nevada, California and British Columbia.

Cowapa League Preview at McCormick Park(5,000 Meters)


1, Tia Carnahan, Sca, 20:20

2, Sara Reaser, Banks, 20:53

3, Jessica Markham, Banks, 21:01

4, Amanda Reaser, Banks, 21:13

5, Antona Ferry, Sea, 21:38

6, Aurora Olsen, Ast, 21:43

7, Elise Harley, Sca, 21:51

8, Ariana Daskalakis, Banks, 22:02

9, Claire Henry, YC, 22:07

10, Kirsten Farmer, Sea, 22:18


22, Jane Brodie, Ast, 25:33

23, Johanna Kaup, Ast, 25:34

24, Jessica Gardner, Ast, 25:34

27, Leah DeVargas, Ast, 26:07

36, Victoria Sheehan, Ast, 28:25

37, Emily Ball, Ast, 28:59


1, Zach Fry, Sca, 17:41

2, Todd Graham, Sca, 17:59

3, Brett Willyard, Sea, 18:12

4, Paulo Velez, Til, 18:20

5, Aaron Josi, Til, 18:27

6, Mike Wittenburg, YC, 18:28

7, Mason Foumal, Sca, 18:31

8, Markus Pullen, Til, 18:33

9, Harrison Freeland, Sca, 18:58

10, David Hoth, Sea, 19:05

(Astoria and Seaside)

13, Tyller Perry, Sea, 19:09

14, Jefferson Farmer, Sea, 19:16

20, Taran Johnson, Sea, 19:50

24, Ethan Davis, Ast, 20:38

26, Miguel Velasco, Ast, 20:48

29, Thomas Ball, Ast, 20:59

31, Christian Gramson, Ast, 21:00

34, Kyle Overbay, Ast, 21:19

52, Tristan Fischer, Ast, 29:29


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