The deadline nears for Oregon consumers to register for the April 2003 update of the Oregon No-Call list to stop most unwanted telemarketing calls. Consumers have until Saturday to register by phone or Internet; the mail-in registration deadline has already passed.

INFORMATIONVisit or call (877) 700-6622 for more informationThe No-Call Law, enacted by the Oregon Legislature in 1999, gives residential and cellular phone customers the opportunity to get on the No Call List and get off telemarketers' lists. Companies that call homes on the No-Call list are subject to fines of up to $25,000. To date, Oregon Attorney General Hardy Myers has fined 120 companies more than $450,000 for violating the No-Call Law.

Cellular phone customers may also register their numbers with No Call.

"More and more people are using cell phones as their primary telephone number. As a result, telemarketers are increasingly making unwanted calls to these numbers," said Richard Meyer of Oregon No Call. "Cell phone customers who want to put an end to most of these calls can now sign up for the No-Call List," Meyer said.

Registration for the Oregon No-Call list costs $6.50 for the first year and $3 each year thereafter. The list is updated quarterly and is distributed to more than 1,250 telemarketers in 49 states and two countries. People who miss the March deadline for the April list will be able to register for the July 2003 list. The number of Oregonians registering for the No-Call list has increased significantly recently, jumping by more than 50 percent since August. More than 112,000 Oregonians now subscribe.

Oregon residential phone customers may subscribe or receive additional information about the No-Call List by calling a toll-free number, (877) 700-NO CALL (877) 700-6622, or through the Internet at


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