Voters in Pacific County will be asked to determine the winner in the Democratic primary for county commissioner Tuesday.

Newcomer Norma Stevens of Ocean Park, Wash., is challenging Position 2 incumbent Democrat Norman "Bud" Cuffel of Long Beach.

The winner will face Republican challenger Rudy DeSwart, also of Ocean Park, at the Nov. 2 general election.

Also on the ballot, but advancing directly to the general election, are Position 1 incumbent Jon Kaino of Ilwaco, a Democrat, who is being challenged by Republican Jamie Webber of South Bend.

Joel Penoyar of South Bend is unopposed for a term as a Pacific County Superior Court judge.

Pacific County has a voice in the governor primary. Six Democrats want to replace their party's Gary Locke, who is stepping down. They are Christine Gregoire, Scott Headland, Don Hansler, Eugen Bucuhlei, Ron Sims and Mike the Mover.

On the GOP side, there are three contenders, Dino Rossi, Bill Meyer and John Aiken. Two Libertarians are in the running, Michael Nelson and Ruth Bennett.

For Lt. Gov., Brad Owen is alone on the Democratic ballot. Republicans are Jim Wiest, Jim Nobles and Scott Bonifield. Libertarian Jocelyn Langlois is on the ballot.

The attorney general race features a primary. Democrats Deborah Senn and Mark Sidran want to succeed Gregoire. GOP contenders are Rob McKenna and Mike Vaska. Libertarian Bradley Gibson is in the race.

Six are in the race for state Superintendent of Public Instruction including incumbent Terry Bergeson and former office holder Judith Billings. Others are Kumroon Maksirisombat, Juanita Doyon, David Blomstrom and John Blair.

Three Republicans want to be insurance commissioner. They are Earl Dennis, John Adams and Curtis Fackler. The Democrat is Mike Kreidler and Libertarian is Stephen Steele.

For the U.S. House of Representatives, incumbent Democrat Brian Baird faces Cheryl Crist. GOP candidates are Thomas Crowson and Dawn Courtney.

U.S. Sen. Patty Murray is seeking a second, 6-year term. Democratic primary challengers are Warren Hanson and Mohammad Said. On the GOP side, former Congressman George Nethercutt is running against Brad Klippert, Gordon Pross, Chuck Jackson, Reed Davis and William Chovil. Libertarian is J. Mills.

Washington voters also are determining finalists for the state Supreme Court. All positions are nonpartisan.

For position 1, candidates are Gary Carpenter, John Johnson, Mary Kay Becker, Bill Murphy, Maureen Hart and Robert Alsdorf. For Position 5, Terry Lukens and Barbara Madsen are contesting. For Position 6, James White and Steve Merrival, Doug Schafer, Richard Sanders, Fred Stewart and Terry Sebring want the post.


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