On any given day, there are always more Clatsop County children in need of foster care than adults willing and qualified to be foster parents. The family is the best place for a child to grow, the Department of Human Services (DHS) wrote in a press release. But some parents are unable to care for or provide safety for their children. These children need people who can provide them with a safe, nurturing home on a temporary basis.

Foster parents work with the DHS as essential partners to help children return to their own families whenever possible.

Foster parents can be people of all ages, lifestyles, religions, ethnicities and incomes. Foster parents need to be patient, flexible and have a good sense of humor. They need to be able to meet the needs of a child for safety and security. The state does not charge a fee for the application, training and processing to become a foster parent. Foster parents receive monthly reimbursement to help with the cost of caring for the child. The child's medical and dental costs are covered by the state's insurance program.

Foster children come to the attention of DHS from a variety of sources. Children who need foster care may be infants, toddlers, preschoolers, grade school age or teenagers. They come from many types of backgrounds and families. Many have been abused or neglected. All have one thing in common: the need for a safe family to care for and nurture them.

People interested in more information about fostering a child in Clatsop County may contact foster home certifier Suzanna Vermeul-Wilson at 325-9179, ext. 328.


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