Comments at the Seaside open house were many and varied:

• Gordon Benfield, whose house borders the highway: "Do you know what that construction will do to my house? It'll crack the foundation, and they know it."

• Taco Time owner Steve Hinton, on his loss of business because of losing an entrance to his property: "If you'll buy me or relocate me that's fine, but don't cut my legs off and give me nothing for it."

• Ken Meiser, director of the Seaside Chamber of Commerce, said traffic on side streets would increase because people would use those streets to get to the best intersections.

• Susan Edy of 15th Street: "We were just hoping that our street would not be one of the main thoroughfares between Roosevelt and Holladay. Either have them all open or have those little streets closed."

• Clatsop County Commissioner Lylla Gaebel: "A total change from two years ago where the perception was ODOT was shoving things down people's throats vs. working with them."

• Lorri Trucke, who owns Trucke's One Stop at Avenue U: "I'd like to have more accesses on the highway."

• John Dooley: "They've got to do something and I think this is about as good as it's going to get."

• Ken Jordan: "This is going to make things miserable, miserable, miserable for the people of Seaside. You want to move thru traffic, put them on a bypass."

• Gerardo Ramirez, manager of Mazatlan Restaurant. "It'll help the town and it'll bring safety to people as they try to cross the highway."

• Councilor Diana Schafer: "What we should have insisted on was a bypass ... I have consistently voted against this. I will continue to do so. I think it's a terrible thing to do to the city of Seaside."

• Marjorie Diebolt, one of the owners of the Flashback Malt Shoppe: "It will take years and some of these businesses will go out of business by then ... It doesn't matter what we say. They're going to do whatever they want."

• Kathleen Teeple: "If it alleviates the problem, I'm happy, but if it doesn't I think it's a terrible waste of money, so I'm placing my trust in the experts."

• Rod Shutt, owner of Coast Hardware: "I think it would be a huge disaster if it didn't happen ... but when they put this in, my business is screwed."

• Kim Meyer, owner of Joe's Seaside Garage: "You can't stop progress."

- Laurel Eddy


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